Annie Rix Militz

November 13, 2015

Annie Rix Militz, an American author and spiritualist was born in March 1856 in California to Hale and Annie.P. Militiz. She was an early coordinator of the New Thought Movement and was an editor and publisher of Master Mind, an early New Thought magazine. The magazine consisted of articles, lessons, poetry, healing circles and other discussions on theology and spiritual topics. Annie was a leader of far vision and a magnetic speaker. Together with her sister, they are famous for founding the Home of Truth. Annie died in 1924.

In her early thirties, Annie Rix Militz was a public school teacher in San Francisco. In 1887, she began attending the New Thought “teacher of teachers” a class that was taught by Emma Curtis Hopkins. During this time, she met Mrs Gorey, who was also in the same class. Mrs. Gorey owned a little metaphysical bookshop, and when she asked Annie Rix to leave her teaching and join the bookstore, she agreed.

Annie’s work in the store gave her the chance to read broadly in the metaphysical field, and she gained a lot from all the reading. The experience accounted in part for her wide tolerance and compassion for the thought of other people who differed from her. Annie was not bound by a single teaching although she held insightful views with regards to the nature of the universe, man and of God. Her one central belief was in the “The Allness of God” despite where or how she found it.

Mrs. Militz and Mrs. Gorey swiftly outgrew the bookshop and found a new place of some rooms over a store. Their work’s growth soon allowed them to take over the store and change it into a hall where they could have their meetings in 1887. They named the centre the Christian Science Home but later rebranded it to the Home of Truth. Mrs. Militz worked in the Home for many years, and she was later called to become a faculty member in Mrs. Hopkins’ Christian Science Theological Seminary in Chicago.

In 1890, Mrs. Militz relocated to Chicago to and was ordained as a Christian Science minister by Hopkins the following year alongside with Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. After the ordination, she got married to Paul Militz and became Annie Rix Militz. When Annie was in Chicago, Harriet Rix, her sister and Miss Fulton were in-charge of the Home. Annie went back to the West Coast in 1893 and found the home in great shape. Harrie and Miss Fulton had bought a breathtaking residence and also organized another home across the bay in Alameda. Since the work was going on well in San Francisco, Annie moved to Los Angeles to create a new center. The movement extended to other cities, and there were Homes of truth all over the coast from San Diego, California to Victoria.

Annie met Swami Vivekananda, a Hindu teacher during the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago Illinois. The event persuaded her to abandon her Christian analysis of New Thought, and she became inclusively interfaith.

In the same year, Annie began a professional connection with the Fillmores, who founded the Unity School of Christianity. She published her first article “Manifestation of God Through Judas Iscariot” in Unity magazine. In the years to come, Annie had a lot of involvement in the Unity movement. In the late 1800s and early 1900, Annie’s Bible Lessons became the Unity magazine’s main teaching articles. The lessons were exceptionally crucial to the Unity movement and were a foundation for most of its teachings. Annie continued her association with Unity until 1911 when she cut ties to advance her rising interfaith New Thought teachings and concentrate on her Master Mind magazine.

Annie Militz was in demand as a teacher and lecturer. In 1900, she held a class each month at Unity headquarters in Kansas City. She travelled broadly both abroad and at home. She was also extremely active in the National New Thought Alliance. Annie was the founder of the University of Christ in Los Angeles and a main metaphysical library to educate New Thought teachers.

Annie travelled the world as a New Thought Alliance officer spreading the metaphysical gospel. In 1915, the International New Thought Alliance conference was held in San Francisco and Annie Rix attended. It had New Thought speakers from all over the world. The organizers were very impressed by the conference that they proclaimed an exceptional New Thought Day at the fair. She was also president of the International New Thought Alliance.

Annie has also authored articles and books applying metaphysical principles to a broad variety of national, international and local social concerns. She is the author of books such as Concentration, Renewal of the Body and the Primary Lessons in Christian Living and Healing. Her writings highlight ways of healing and methods for mental powers development.

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