The Protecting Presence
Annie Rix Militz , Books / November 6, 2016

Annie Rix Militz wrote The Protecting Presence at a time of unprecedented international upheaval. The First World War had wreaked unspeakable horrors and destroyed countries, cities and families. The Protecting Presence was written to provide comfort and a feeling of agency for those wives and mothers that were left behind. Staunchly practical in a New Though way, the reader is offered a combination of prayer and affirmations minds at ease about loved ones who were far away fighting what seemed to be a never ending war. The Protecting Presence opens with the author’s thoughts about divine protection in times of distress. Many of her observations are equally applicable to times of distress as they are to times of combat. Prayer thoughts and scripture meditations are contained in separate chapters. Additional information about the author and her legacy are provided at the conclusion.

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Books / December 14, 2015

Despite having been published nearly 80 years ago, How to Win Friends & Influence People is still regarded as one of the most popular and influential books on creating success in business and personal life. I avoided the book for many years, disliking the corny, funny title. This was a real mistake – I missed out on some wonderful ‘plain language’, timeless wisdom. The title is pretty self-explanatory – it is what it says on the box.  Dale Carnegie’s central proposition is that by engaging with a person’s ideals, you can befriend almost anyone you encounter. There are four sections in How to Win Friends & Influence People: Fundamental Techniques in Handling People Six Ways to Make People Like You How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment Carnegie uses quotations, anecdotes and examples from historical figures to illustrate 30 principles of human behaviour. He also provides an insight into what happens when these principles are ignored. Key principles include: Don’t criticise, condemn or complain. Become genuinely interested in other people. Give honest and sincere appreciation. Let the other person save face. Try honestly to see things from the…

Your Word is Your Wand
Affirmations , Books / December 7, 2015

In the introduction to Your Word Is Your Wand, Florence notes that ‘This volume of affirmations was written by popular demand’. It was conceived as the sequel to The Game of Life: And How To Play It that was released to much acclaim three years before this little volume. Your Word Is Your Wandis exactly what it says in the intro– affirmations for every occasion.  There is a short section providing some context for the book, as Florence says ‘Man’s works is his wand filled with magic and power’ and a commentary on each set of affirmations.  She provides numerous uplifting and potent affirmations for: Success Prosperity Happiness Love Marriage Forgiveness Words of Wisdom Faith Loss Debt Sales Interviews Guidance Protection Memory The Divine Design Health (including Eyes, Anaemia, Ears, Rheumatism, False Growths and Heart Disease) Animals (and pets!) The Elements, and Journey If absolutely none of these leap out at you, there is even a section at the end titled, Miscellaneous. My favourite affirmation when I’m looking for a job is under Success: ‘I have magical work in a magical way, I give magical service for magical pay’.  Depending on the position I change magical to wonderful or perfect…

The Secret Door to Success
Affirmations , Books / December 6, 2015

Many books claim to be the original source for ‘The Secret’ but The Secret Door To Success comes very close. It consists of a series of talks on experiencing abundance, achieving happiness and overcoming adversity through observing spiritual truths. Florence writes that if you believe, ask for what you want, invite your desires into your life and make a place for it to stay, the universe will provide. Of course, you have to be ‘on the right path for doors to open and let the good into your life. Florence’s writing style doesn’t resonate with everyone. She takes a story or metaphor from the Bible, fixes this in the readers mind and then makes a pragmatic connection to the modern world. Some people find this preachy and don’t take into account The Secret Door To Success was written more than 80 years ago. I’m not religious in a traditional sense and for me the approach just reinforces some of the timeless lessons in the Bible. Her insights and interpretations are filled with common-sense wisdom. The Secret Door To Success is the perfect companion book to Florence’s original work The Game of Life. As with all of her works, I feel as…

The Game of Life and How to Play It
Affirmations , Books / December 5, 2015

I first read The Game of Life and How to Play It more than 20 years ago.  It continues to be my ‘go to’ personal development classic’ whenever I’m feeling stressed or in need of guidance.  Florence writes with such positivity and hope that I always manage to find the perfect story or affirmation to lift my spirits. If you are reading this review because you are searching, I’m confident you will find what you are looking for in this unassuming but powerful work. Florence Scovel Shinn wrote this short book in 1925.  Her words are stunningly relevant to the ‘modern’ condition.  Maybe it’s because she has written with such compassion and kindness. She covers a range of spiritual topics including: The Law of Prosperity The Power of the Word The Law of Non-resistance The Laws of Karma and Forgiveness Impressing the Subconscious Mind, and Divine Self-expression. In a series of interesting and entertaining chapters, Florence explains that our life difficulties, disease, lack, unhappiness, misfortune and financial problems, are usually the outcome of subtle suggestions that we have impressed on our subconscious minds.  Through our constant negative self-talk, or negative self-thinking, we support the manifestation of the very situations we…