The Secret Door to Success

December 6, 2015

Many books claim to be the original source for ‘The Secret’ but The Secret Door To Success comes very close. It consists of a series of talks on experiencing abundance, achieving happiness and overcoming adversity through observing spiritual truths. Florence writes that if you believe, ask for what you want, invite your desires into your life and make a place for it to stay, the universe will provide. Of course, you have to be ‘on the right path for doors to open and let the good into your life.

Florence’s writing style doesn’t resonate with everyone. She takes a story or metaphor from the Bible, fixes this in the readers mind and then makes a pragmatic connection to the modern world. Some people find this preachy and don’t take into account The Secret Door To Success was written more than 80 years ago. I’m not religious in a traditional sense and for me the approach just reinforces some of the timeless lessons in the Bible. Her insights and interpretations are filled with common-sense wisdom.

The Secret Door To Success is the perfect companion book to Florence’s original work The Game of Life. As with all of her works, I feel as though I am having a lively and entertaining conversation with a clever and practical friend. Her words are inspiring and beautifully expressed with a myriad of engaging and powerful affirmations.

Florence was a genuine pioneer the understanding of the ‘laws of attraction’ and this book is a testament to our limitless universe and boundless creative capacity.

Wrap Up

The Secret Door to Success



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