The Protecting Presence
Annie Rix Militz , Books / November 6, 2016

Annie Rix Militz wrote The Protecting Presence at a time of unprecedented international upheaval. The First World War had wreaked unspeakable horrors and destroyed countries, cities and families. The Protecting Presence was written to provide comfort and a feeling of agency for those wives and mothers that were left behind. Staunchly practical in a New Though way, the reader is offered a combination of prayer and affirmations minds at ease about loved ones who were far away fighting what seemed to be a never ending war. The Protecting Presence opens with the author’s thoughts about divine protection in times of distress. Many of her observations are equally applicable to times of distress as they are to times of combat. Prayer thoughts and scripture meditations are contained in separate chapters. Additional information about the author and her legacy are provided at the conclusion.